Why Damore is Wrong and Some Ideas on What We Can Do About It

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 5:30 pm

Recently (now ex-) Google engineer James Damore published a widely-circulated document protesting Google's "ideological echo chamber" and presenting arguments against some of Google's diversity measures. This talk deconstructs Damore's false claims and faulty reasoning, presents the real science and history behind the lack of diversity in tech, and presents some approaches to addressing the real monoculture problem.

Jez Humble
Author and Lecturer
UC Berkeley School of Information

Jez Humble is co-author of The DevOps Handbook, Lean Enterprise, and the Jolt Award winning Continuous Delivery. He has spent his career tinkering with code, infrastructure, and product development in companies of varying sizes across three continents, most recently working for the US Federal Government at 18F. He is currently researching how to build high performing teams at his startup, DevOps Research and Assessment LLC, and teaching at UC Berkeley.